Date: November 29, 2017 Location: Ochwilla Elementary Room # 201


Meeting Called To Order By: Mindy Shull Time: 2:47 pm


Attendance: 8


Minutes: Minutes of 11/15/2017 meeting read and accepted.





Officers’ Reports


President: None


Vice President: None


Treasurer: Jessica Colesberry presented the financial report. The report was read and accepted.


Principal: None



Committee Reports


  1. ‘Code Red’ bags have no update
  2. PTO newsletter will be completed by next meeting
  3. Box Tops have no update
  4. Winter Movie Night made $481. Next movie night is scheduled for April or May.



Old Business


  1. Drive for expo markers and headphones has been voted to end. Suggestion for teachers to send a request to parents to ask for needed supplies.
  2. Work order for the bathroom has no update. The work order for the water fountain has been completed. The water fountain has been placed in the physical education area.
  3. Duct Tape the Vice Principal has been postponed till after Christmas break.
  4. Bylaws have been tabled till next meeting.
  5. Attendance incentive gift cards are needing a update from Mrs. Pilling
  6. Costumes for custodians have been purchased.
  7. Alison Fetner motioned for $50 to be funded for the purchase of family baskets for the Ochwilla families grieving.
  8. The PTO chair vote was unanimous. Mindy Shull was voted as PTO President. Emily Heitzman was voted as PTO Vice President. Jessica Colesberry was voted as PTO Treasurer.
  9. The PTO vacuum was purchased to keep the PTO common room clean.


New Business


  1. Flowers for Kole Ellingham memorial service was presented by Mindy Shull. Jessica Colesberry motioned for the flowers. Emily Heitzman second the motion. Motion was passed.
  2. Mindy Shull presented the Iready incentive fund. Jessica Colesberry motioned for $100 to be used for the Iready incentive fund. Barbra Joyce second the motion. Motion was passed.




Reminder every member of the PTO must register at the front office to be a volunteer.

Next meeting is 12/13/2017 at Ochwilla Elementary Room # 201 at 2:45 pm



Meeting Adjourned At: 3:58 pm


Minutes Compiled By: Jammie Campbell, Secretary