The P.T.O. meeting began @ 3:35 PM.  People in attendance were Tara Bowers, Sheryl Brunke, Melissa Graham, Emily Heitzman, Dawnella Monroe, Donna Pilling, Jessica Romeo, Peggy Shrowder, Mindy Shull, Ann-Marie Thurber, and Mike Tomlinson.

Mrs. Pilling explained the gift card attendance drawing request (there is a copy in the PTO binder).  The gift card will be a Walmart gift card for $25 each. Not to exceed $300 for the school year.  Motion was made, voted upon, and passed.

Mrs. Thurber explained the request for the poetry jam and family reading night.  She asked for $300 to get supplies for both nights.  It will be cafe-themed event.  PTO will sell baked goods to recoup some of the money spent.  Motion was made, voted upon, and passed.

Mrs. Shrowder proposed getting a $50 gift card for Carolyn Brantly who makes and donates the Terrific Kid t-shirts.  Motion was made, voted upon, and passed.

Ms. Bowers proposed purchasing a fan for the P.E. area.  Cost would be approximately $3,500.  A discussion was held and a decision was postponed until further information could be obtained.

As the Safety Patrol will not be doing Movie Night, it was discussed and decided that the P.T.O. would take on this fundraiser.  The movie will be "Trolls."  There will be a charge for food, drinks, and extra items sold (Troll-themed head bands, etc.).  Brown paper bags for popcorn will also need to be purchased.  Price for the bags should not exceed $6. Also, for every can good brought in, a small bag of cotton candy will be given and the canned goods will go towards the Hoot Pack program.  Any proceeds above the expenses will go towards the purchase of the fan for P.E.  Motion was made, voted upon, and passed.

Mr. Tomlinson proposed doing a popcorn fundraiser.  He will get the information to P.T.O.  The money raised from this will go towards the P.E. fan.  Motion was made, voted upon, and passed.

It was brought up that P.E. does not have a water fountain near for students to use.  Mr. Tomlinson will check into.

The bathroom near the playground/p.e./pre-k area does not have a stall or lock on the door.  Mr. Tomlinson will put in a work order to repair.

The front office needs supplies (tissues, baby wipes, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.)  If no donations come in, the P.T.O. will purchase. Not to exceed $30.  Motion was made, voted upon, and passed.

Emily suggested putting trees around the playground since there is no shade.  She works at a tree farm and her boss will give us a discount.  Mr. Tomlinson said it was fine.  We need prices and information before voting.  Information will be forthcoming.

It was suggested to do a granola bar and juice sell after school to raise money, but was denied because it would cause a traffic jam.

Emily asked about selling smencils.  Mr. Tomlinson said they quit selling them for some reason.  He would look into it.  If it was just a price issue and nothing was wrong, P.T.O. will vote to sell them again.

It was suggested that we buy girl scout cookies for the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.  We would like to have 2 boxes of each and coffee on the Friday of Teacher Appreciation Week.  Not to exceed $100.  Voted and motion passed.

It was also suggested possibly buying a box of girl scout cookies for each teacher as a present (left in the mail boxes at school).  A discussion was held and postponed.

The next meeting will be March 21, 2017 @ 3:30 PM.  The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Graham