Bookworm.pngLiteracy Week was celebrated the week of January 23 with each day of the week being assigned a "project" relating to literacy:

**Monday, the 23rd - The week was kicked off with several projects that would be continued throughout the whole week.  The first was a Door Decorating for a "Parade of Doors" to be held on Friday, the 27th. Classes could choose their favorite book, favorite author, etc. as their theme to decorate their outside classroom door. Students were also encouraged to bring in a book from home for a school-wide book swap.  The books brought from home were divided into grade levels and students were allowed to choose a different book to read and take home at the end of the week.

**Tuesday, the 24th - Each teacher chose their favorite book and read it aloud to their class.  All teacher choices were displayed in the library for student checkout.

**Wednesday, the 25th - "Read My Shirt Day!"  Students and teachers wore shirts that had a saying.

**Thursday, the 26th - "Drop Everything and Read!" During the class' reading time for approximately 30 minutes everyone dropped what they were doing and read - silently or as a group.

**Friday, the 27th - "Character Dress-Up Day!," "Parade of Doors," "Library Book Count Winner Announced!," and "Book Swap!"  To finish out the week, students were allowed to dress up as their favorite book character. Throughout the week as students visited the library, they were given the opportunity to guess the total number of books in our media center with the winner being announced at the end of the week.  So ... congratulations to Sean Goode, a 4th grader, for coming the closest to guessing the number of books in our library!  Way to go, Sean!  The winner of the reading challenge was Mr. Torres' homeroom with a total of 2,264 minutes read.  Mr. Stevens' class came in 2nd place with Mrs. Mathis' class coming in a close 3rd.  Fifth graders were treated to a pizza party on Friday, the 10th, for winning the contest!  From all the reading logs that were turned in, Ochwilla read a total of 10,503 minutes. Impressive reading everyone!  And to conclude the week's events, students were invited to a book swap where they could grab a book to take home.  It was a fun week!