Based on a grant from Marathon for Kids that Ms. Bowers wrote and applied for early this year, the O.M.M.O. club currently has 50 participating students.  The students are challenged to complete four 26.2 mile marathons by the end of this school year.  If completed, each member will have walked/run a total of 104.8 miles!  Wow!

As of this writing, several students have already completed their first 26.2 mile marathon. They are LaMarion Campbell, Jason Ferrer, Jaheim Hall, Emma Miller, Randal Seth Moseley, Eliu Rivera, and Janie Rosado!  Congratulations!  After walking/running their first marathon, students receive a special t-shirt.

Parents are also invited to join us each morning before school as students walk/run towards their goal.  Lets see how many parents we can get involved!  Come and join us!