Our running club continues to run every morning.  I am so proud of all of the O.M.M.O. participants!  These students have improved and continue to improve their health.  

When we first started, many of our students struggled to walk an eighth of a mile.  Now, even our youngest member (a 1st grader) can complete a mile in the morning.

Thirty-one (31) students have completed their first marathon of 26.2 miles.  Twelve (12) students have completed their second marathon which makes a total of 52.4 miles.  Eliu Rivera has completed his third marathon totaling 78.6 miles.  He is now at 90 miles and on his way to completing his last marathon!  

A big shout-out to Emma Miller!  She has completed all four marathons totaling 104.8 miles.  Emma continues to walk/run daily. Last time I checked, she had logged 151 miles this school year. Emma also has her mother (our very own 1st grade teacher, Ms. Miller) walking.  Throughout the school year, I have heard so many stories of how parents are getting out and walking with their children. Remember, we love to have parents walk/run with us in the mornings!  Come out and join us!  We are continuing to run every morning.
Written by Tara Bowers.